Purple Paws Groomers

You must follow lock down procedure if we are to care for your dog

1.  Arrive on time for your appointment and for your designated pick up time.  There are no facilities for you to wait outside the premises. 

2.  Please put your dog into the crate provided in the pictures below.  It is secure and can be locked if needed.

3.  You need to remove your dogs collar and lead and take them home with you.  (To keep your dog safe while you do this please make sure you close the entrance gate behind you).

4   We are only allowed to have one groomer at anyone time on the premises but you can be assured I will be waiting for you as you enter and keeping a watchful eye on your dog.  I must remind you however that it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is safely locked in the cage and my responsibility takes over from the minute I take him out of the cage until the minute I put him back in there for your pick up.  Both you and I need to be very careful as regards keeping your dog safe.

5.  While I am taking every precaution to keep myself and my family safe you must consider if taking a freshly groomed dog home is safe for you and your family.  We are told that the virus can live on the dogs fur for some time (no one knows how long) so you should act accordingly.

8.  All payments are made contactless.  A link will appear shortly on this page so that you can pay in advance of your appointment.  

9.  Because of the strict new guide lines we are only allowed to groom one dog at a time and do a complete clean of the premises in between each dog.  This means waiting times for grooms are longer than usual.  If you can find a mobile groomer who can come to you it would probably be best for you to book that rather than wait more weeks to see me.

Click on the pictures below and they will expand to full size, thank you